Relationship Issues

Relationships with others – be it friends, family, professional or intimate are very important for our emotional and mental health wellbeing. Being in relationships can be one of the most satisfying experiences in life. However, maintaining supportive and meaningful relationships with others can be challenging and requires effort.

Some signs that you might be struggling with relationship issues include but are not limited to:

  • Feeling misunderstood or not listened to or you struggling to engage the other person
  • Feeling as though you walk on eggshells and bringing up certain issues for discussion causing tension
  • Feeling fearful of expressing your feelings
  • Control issues, as if you always must do what the other person want you to do or feeling as if the other person must do what you want.
  • Emotional, verbal, or physical abuse, for example either feeling put down or undermined or yourself undermining the other person, or arguments escalating in physical tension.
  • Struggling to trust the other person or them struggling to trust you.

When to seek help

Relationships issues can impact greatly on our emotional and mental health wellbeing. If you notice some of the above signs in one or more relationships therapy / counselling can help you. Dr Maria Pournara has considerable experience with relationships issues and offers therapy / counselling online.