Online Therapy

Traditionally therapy is conducted in a face-to-face environment, often in a consulting room or a clinic. In more recent years, the technology boom has opened-up the opportunity for therapy to be offered online circumventing spatial boundaries. This has enabled people to access therapy regardless of time or space limits.

There is growing evidence that online therapy is as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy. The therapy process remains the same in online therapy, of course the main difference in the medium by which therapy is provided. One of the main advantages of online therapy is the flexibility it provides. You can access therapy whilst your are travelling, from home even from work at the time it suits you.

Dr Maria Pournara, Chartered Psychologist, offers online session using Zoom, which is platform that enables video calls online. Zoom uses end to end encryption to ensure that any meetings or conversation remain private and confidential.

You can download Zoom on your PC, tablet or phone. You will need access to a webcam and mic on your device and internet connection. To install Zoom through your device’s app store or google download Zoom. Once you download Zoom you will need to create a Zoom account, which is free. More information about Zoom can be found on their website.

Your appointment times will be confirmed via email and you will be provided a clickable link to join your session.

By offering Videocall session in real time Dr Maria Pournara, Chartered Psychologist, strives to ensure that important elements of human contact are maintained to the maximum.