Couples Therapy

Build healthy relationships

Being in a relationship can be one of the most fulfilling human experiences but it can also be challenging. Often couples struggle with issues such as miscommunication, intimacy, infidelity, children issues, money problems, fertility, family dynamics. Couples therapy focuses on exploring the challenges you are facing and decide together how to move forward as well as rebuilding intimacy and connection.

Some of the areas Couples therapy can help with are:

  • Build healthy communication skills
  • Understand what triggers conflict/ arguments and how conflict/ arguments escalate
  • How to negotiate and resolve conflict
  • How your own personal learning in early relationships is affecting your current bond with your partner
  • How external factors impact on a relationship (wider family, work demands, religion, culture, etc)

Fees: £220 per session
Session Duration: 60min
Insurance: Aetna, Aviva, AXAPPP Healthcare, Cigna, Vitality Health, WPA

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